Beating The Meat (1984, UK Compilation)



Rare 1984 Compilation


A1 Huvudtvatt* Huvudtvätt
A2 Cult Maniax American Dream
A3 S.I.B. No One Rules
A4 Neos (2) Opposition To Violence
A5 Neos (2) Typical
A6 Upright Citizens Swastika Rats
A7 Olho Seco Nada
A8 Suicide (2) Violent Games
A9 Colera* Suburbio Geral
A10 Colera* Palperbrite
A11 Plastick Races
A12 Powerage (2) Vengeance Of Youth
B1 Plastick I Feel Like Batman
B2 Protest (3) Troubles
B3 Terveet Kadet* Pissau + Passkau
B4 Terveet Kadet* Haislelltat
B5 Upright Citizens Stormy Monday
B6 Huvudtvatt* Stryk
B7 Huvudtvatt* Ren Logn
B8 Powerage (2) WW III
B9 Olho Seco Castidade
B10 Olho Seco Olho De Gato
B11 S.I.B. Secret Life
B12 Rattus Miks Haluat
B13 Rattus Rummia Ruumita
B14 Cult Maniax Road To Nowhere

*Pictured copy*

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