Bullshit Detector Three (1984, UK Compilation)



1984 US Fold-out comp

A1 Avert Aversion Oh What A Nice Day
A2 Awake Mankind Once Upon A Time
A3 A Nul Noise Hibakusha
A4 Animus* Nuclear Piss
A5 Peroxide Ministry Of Death (M.O.D.)
A6 Untitled (26) We Are Taught To Kill
A7 Xtract Fight For Peace
A8 Verbal Assault (2) Not Yet Ron
A9 Fifth A Column Counterfeit Culture
A10 Potential Victim People
B1 7th Plague (2) Rubber Bullets
B2 Rebel A Genesis To Genocide
B3 Alienated (2) Living In Fear
B4 Barbed Wire (3) Weapons Of War
B5 Rob Williams (4) Lies
B6 Reality Control The War Is Over
B7 Youthanasia (2) Power
B8 Sammy Rubette & Safety Match The Ballad Of Maggie The Maggot
B9 Politicide 51st State
B10 Markus Abused The Killing Machine
C1 One Man's Meat Your Country Misleads You
C2 Direct Action (7) Death Without A Thought
C3 Crag Voice Your Protest
C4 Attrition In Your Hand
C5 Napalm Death The Crucifixion Of Possessions
C6 The Impalers (4) Sun, Sun, Sun
C7 Health Hazzard Picture Show
C8 Phil Hedgehog Radio TImes
C9 Malice (4) Faceless
C10 Michael Kingzett Taylor Paranoia
D1 Brainwashed Pupils The Demonstration
D2 No Defences Work To Consume
D3 A.N.E.E.B. Berlin Wall
D4 Carnage (6) Carnage
D5 Warning (3) Beasts Of Fiction
D6 State Of Shock Excess Youth
D7 Neale Harmer Hard Nut
D8 Dead To The World Action Man
D9 Dandruff (2) Life In A Whiskey Bottle
D10 Richard III Will You Care?
D11 Funky Rayguns The Hare And The Tortoise


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