"Coisas" 1965 Gatefold Vinyl LP (Original MONO Press)

by Forma

PRESSING: 1st MONO Brazilian Pressing – Original 1965 Gatefold


This Moacir Santos classic “Coisas” vintage vinyl record represents the height of Brazilian first wave Bossanova. A timeless presentation and fusion of Afro-samba, bossanova, and the 60s big band atmosphere. This original pressing comes out of our archive of rarities and is available for a short time. Samples are available

This vintage vinyl record features:

  • Coisa N° 4
  • Coisa N° 10
  • Coisa N° 5
  • Coisa N° 3
  • Coisa N° 2
  • Coisa N° 9
  • Coisa N° 6
  • Coisa N° 7
  • Coisa N° 1
  • Coisa N° 8


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