Ten Years Of Harmony (1981 Compilation)



Some light fading to cover. Has inners

A1 Add Some Music To Your Day 3:34
A2 Roller Skating Child 2:16
A3 Disney Girls 4:06
A4 It's A Beautiful Day 3:15
A5 California Saga / California 3:13
A6 Wontcha Come Out Tonight 2:29
A7 Marcella 3:52
B1 Rock And Roll Music 2:26
B2 Goin' On 3:01
B3 It's Ok 2:08
B4 Cool Cool Water 3:24
B5 San Miguel 2:25
B6 School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) 2:46
B7 Good Timin' 2:10
B8 Sail On Sailor 3:17
C1 Darlin' 2:22
C2 Lady Lynda 3:56
C3 Sea Cruise 3:25
C4 The Trader 5:04
C5 This Whole World 1:55
C6 Don't Go Near The Water 2:38
C7 Surf's Up 4:10
D1 Come Go With Me 2:06
D2 Deirdre 3:26
D3 She's Got Rythm 2:26
D4 River Song 3:44
D5 Long Promised Road 3:29
D6 Feel Flows 4:44
D7 'Til I Die 2:39


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