The Crucial Squeegie Lip Tape



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A1 Introview 1:01
A2 Talk To Me About Erica Glabb 1:08
A3 Intro/Nippy Wiffle 1:44
A4 Jelly (Part I) 1:00
A5 Boobtalk 0:30
A6 Boobs (Part I) 0:54
A7 Boobs (Part II) 0:49
A8 Go! 1:19
A9 Stresstabs 0:30
A10 Drinktalk 0:29
A11 I Drink A Lot 0:48
A12 Jessica 1:31
A13 Red As Satan 4:14
A14 Murphy Flattens His Frustrations 1:01
A15 Cowbell 0:58
A16 Ingrown Mayo 0:35
A17 Duke Of Denim 0:32
A18 Blow It Out Your Ass 0:41
A19 You Fucked Up 1:26
A20 Talkthing 1:46
B1 I Drink A Lot (Nice Version) 1:07
B2 Hey Bullfrog 0:50
B3 Smash My Head 1:31
B4 (You) Piss Me Off 0:26
B5 Justalking 1:20
B6 Blue Hair 1:06
B7 Sweetness (Parts II And II) 1:10
B8 The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close

B9 Mindfuck 0:43
B10 Livetalk 1:16
B11 Boognish 1:07
B12 Boobs (Part III) 0:47
B13 Yolk 1:02
B14 Shnagenhausen 1:15
B15 We Seen Ween Bean 1:21
B16 Everyone's A Lesbian 0:34
B17 Yeah, Sure 1:04
B18 Oik 0:41
B19 Jelly (Part II) 1:30
B20 Outroview 2:15

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