"United" 2000 SEALED Vinyl LP (Oversized European Press)

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PRESSING: 1st Pressing – Original 2000 SEALED European Pressing


This Phoenix “Untitled” European vinyl record is a classic indie pop rock album in coveted sealed shape.

The original pressing comes in two sleeve variations: Initial copies came in an "American style" oversize (approximately 32cm x 32cm) heavy cardboard sleeve (this entry). Subsequently the record was packed in a regular sleeve made of textured cardboard. According to information from the band itself, the record company or distributer panicked that record shops wouldn't be able to rack the oversized sleeves and thus withdrew them. The exact figures are not known.

This original vinyl record features:

  • School's Rules
  • Too Young
  • Honeymoon
  • If I Ever Feel Better
  • Party Time
  • On Fire
  • Embuscade
  • Summer Days
  • Funky Squaredance (Parts 1-3)
  • Definitive Breaks

*Pictured copy*

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