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Devin (left) cratedigger and Brad (owner) -MF DOOM Mural (Wynwood, Miami)

Thank you for visiting our catalog. Make sure to bookmark our site for later. We are an online vinyl retailer serving up only the best and most diverse original pressings. 

We are proud to have been the pioneering "new age" independent online vinyl store! Social media and collecting in the latter 2010s was pivotal insofar as the record collector became mainstream - today we are one of the most visited indie online record stores! Industry dinosaurs have tried to emulate our concept, but there is only one Vinyl Vault! It is our mission to continue to broaden our focus and create the ultimate online vinyl experience for our friends and clientele.  
The quality and selection we consistently make available is unrivaled. Our customers and community are our lifeblood; thus, we thrive at a unique cross-section of community-building and trailblazing. The inventory is a given, but at the nexus of insight and creativity we move with innovation towards reimagining a tired industry. You do not have to be a vinyl nerd to shop here - If you are, we still love you. We may even claim you. Come along for the ride and give us a try. Subscribe to our newsletter today - email a request to: vinylvaultinc@gmail.com