Welcome to the Vault!

Devin (left) crate digger and Brad (owner) -MF DOOM Mural (Wynwood, Miami)

Thank you for visiting Vinyl Vault. We are a broad spectrum online vinyl retailer curating only the best stuff from of our "vault" in South Florida.

My vinyl story is similar to that of my peers; having grown up a student of the world and of course music, this business became a natural progression of my life's focus: going to shows and connecting with others. And, I am living proof of what an inquiring mind is capable of achieving when you look outside yourself to understand someone else's story. Our suppliers and customers are paramount to our success and we are honored to take part in in their musical legacies.

We are proud to have "started from the bottom" so to speak - by thrift store digging to build our library starting in 2012 to over 10,000 records and climbing today. Today, the sky is the limit as we strive to continue to build our stock with the ultimate goal of cataloging every relevant original pressing to the collector. 

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