We recognize grading vinyl records is a very subjective art; we strive to provide informed, critical, and experience-based visual grading of each item without overcomplicating the process.

  • Gradings are displayed with 2 variables (for example): EX/EX (Media grade/Sleeve grade) First for media second for sleeve. 

We chose to err on the side of caution when visually grading vinyl.

 Vinyl Vault Grading system

Occasionally we will also put (+) or (-) after the grade to emphasize if it is high or low on our spectrum.

 M (Mint)

Item is SEALED and perfect. 

NM (Near Mint)

 A fantastic copy; media looks unplayed, but may have a little dust.


 Media looks to be near mint aside from superficial "paper marks" or scuffs from sleeve.


 A mid-grade visual copy, plays well, but may have a few light not feel-able scratches or scuffs. For most casual listening a fine copy.

VG Media should play through enjoyably, but not without a level of background noise: light pops, ticks, or distortion may be present in a tolerable level.
G+ This is NOT a nice play copy. It will have deep or dense scratching - a filler copy. 


Example 1: VG cover