"Ave Africa" 1976 Zambian Vintage Vinyl LP (Original Press)


PRESSING: 1st Pressing – Original 1976 Kitoto Records


This obscure Zambian afrobeat “Ave Africa” vintage vinyl record by Sunburst is extremely scarce and funky. For an African record it is almost unheard of condition wise. Lovely shape, small sticker on cover, can be removed.

 This vintage vinyl record features:

  • Kitoto Sound
  • Ukuti Ukuti
  • Ba Motoka Na Castle
  • Kamungulwe
  • Your Day Will Come
  • Ani Uni
  • Wakulu Wa Kuno
  • We Need Each Other
  • Alhamdullilahi
  • Ntambwa
  • How Can I Get To You
  • Ave Africa

*Pictured copy*

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