Bullshit Detector (1980, UK Comp)



1980 UK Compilation - poster sleeve.

Some faint marks.

A1 Andy T Jazz On A Summers Day
Sounds, Recorded By  Andy T
A2 Counter Attack Don't Wanna Fight For You
Bass Guitar  Kraig (3)
Drums  John (80)
Guitar  Geoff (7), Rich (41)
Guitar, Vocals  Steve (116)
A3 Alternative Change It
Bass  Wilf Surman
Drums  James Murphy (10)
Guitar  Rodney Comrie
Lead Vocals  Craig Nichol
Vocals, Words By [Statements]  Eric Beveridge
A4 Clockwork Criminals We Are You
Drums  Brian Spiers
Guitar  Alex Benton
Vocals  Charlie Turner (4)
A5 Reputations In Jeopardy Girls Love Popstars
Bass  Chris W.
Drums  Pete (82)
Guitar  Chris The Joiner
Voice, Voice [Dub]  Andy.T.*
A6 Crass Do They Owe Us A Living
A7 Amebix University Challenged
Bass  Ric Gadsby
Drums  Billy Jug
Lead Guitar  Chris Miller (8)
Vocals  Rob Miller (10)
A8 Sceptics Local Chaos
Bass  Andy*
Drums  Ferret (4)
Guitar  Joe*
Vocals  Jon*
A9 The Sinyx Mark Of The Beast
Bass  Auntie (2)
Drums  Vints
Guitar  Paul Q*
Vocals  Alien (19)
A10 Frenzy Battalion Thalidomide
Bass  Steve Hewitt (3)
Drums  Daz Kelly*
Guitar  Marki Sav
Voice  Gary McGhee
A11 Icon* Cancer
Bass  P. Smith*
Drums  M. Holmes*
Guitar  C#*
Vocals  Dicky*
A12 The Speakers Why
Bass  John Guiver
Drums  Alan White (8)
Guitar  Colin Smith (7)
Vocals  Kevin Austen
A13 A.P.F. Brigade Anarchist Attack
Performer  Andy Export*, Jonathan Hindle
B1 Fuck The C.I.A. Right Or Wrong
Trumpet [Tuning Pipes]  Andy. T.*
Voice  Jem.T.
B2 Caine Mutiny And The Kallisti Apples Of Nonsense Morning Star
Performer  Andy*, Ian*, Tommy*
B3 The Sucks '3'
Bass  V. Fritz
Drums  N. Pointon
Guitar  N. Brewin
Vocals  S. Smith (12)
B4 Porno Squad Khaki Doesn't Go With My Eyes
Performer  J. Norris*, N. Badger*, N.Uff*, T. Brown*
B5 S.P.G. Murders Soldiers
Bass  Richard Martin (13)
Drums  Cee Nicholson
Guitar  Paul Furr
Vocals  Steve Cooper (7)
B6 Eratics* National Service
Bass, Vocals  Stringy
Drums  Bondage (3)
Guitar  Snout (3)
B7 Red Alert (8) Who Needs Society
Bass  Si(co)*
Drums  Busby
Guitar  Mike*
Vocals  John (100)
B8 The Snipers War Song
Bass  Whacker*
Drums  Mark*
Guitar, Vocals  Bungi*
Vocals  Russ*
B9 Armchair Power Power
Bass  Andy (37)
Guitar  Dave (144)
Vocals  Paul (34)
B10 Disrupters Napalm
Bass, Backing Vocals  Dave*
Drums  Kev*
Guitar  Gibbon
Vocals  Steve*
B11 Andy T Nagasaki Mon Amour
B12 Action Frogs Drumming Up Hope (Ferret Skank)
Drums  Cozy Slippers
Guitar  Flo (27)

*Pictured copy*

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