Something To Believe In (1984, Comp)




A1 The Nils Scratches And Needles

A2 Rigor Mortis (4) Silent Scream

A3 Big Boys (2) History

A4 Unwanted Tanks Keep Rolling

A5 Tourists Memories

A6 Kraut (2) Pyramids

A7 Youth Brigade Care

A8 Youth Youth Youth Domination

B1 SNFU Womanizer

B2 Personality Crisis Piss On You

B3 Channel 3 (2) Indian Summer

B4 Young Lions In A Field

B5 Zeroption Realpolitik

B6 D.O.A. (2) Tits On The Beach

B7 7 Seconds Out Of Touch

B8 Stretch Marks Foreign Policy

Some creases to sleeve, plays awesome


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