The Truth Hurts (Early Demos And Recordings 1979-1980) (Unofficial)



Unofficial press

A1 Nuclear Nightmare 3:34
A2 Do The Bee 2:47
A3 Uncle Ron 2:48
A4 Don't Try To Call 1:59
A5 Sex Dolls 2:05
A6 MTC 1:52
A7 Picture Of You 1:57
A8 Can't See You Anymore 3:43
B9 The Truth Hurts 3:45
B10 Sore Eyes 2:16
B11 Do You Remember 1:48
B12 All Tensed Up 2:47
B13 Writer's Cramp 3:07
B14 All I've Got To Lose Is You 2:30
B15 Writer's Cramp 2:22
B16 Let's Go Die 1:51

Lovely shape 


[hardcore : Husker Du ]

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