"Heaven Or Las Vegas" 1990 Original Vinyl LP (1st UK Press)

by 4AD

PRESSING: 1990 UK Original Pressing – 4AD Records


BIO: Embark on a dreamlike musical journey with the iconic album "Heaven Or Las Vegas" by Cocteau Twins, a mesmerizing blend of ethereal sounds and ethereal vocals that has captivated audiences since its release.

CONDITION: This particular copy promises a sublime listening experience, despite some light wispy marks and seam wear. See photos.

This original vinyl record features:

    1. Cherry-Coloured Funk
    2. Pitch the Baby
    3. Iceblink Luck
    4. Fifty-Fifty Clown
    5. Heaven or Las Vegas
    6. I Wear Your Ring
    7. Fotzepolitic
    8. Wolf in the Breast
    9. Road, River and Rail
    10. Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires

    *Pictured copy*


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